Want to help out a starving artist during these hard times?  I can make your erotic art dreams come true.

Price (US Dollar) What You Get
$10.00 Solo colored and cell shaded art of any anime, video game or cartoon character.
$15.00 Pairing colored and cell shaded art of any anime, video game or cartoon character. Additional charge for orgy pictures.
$50.00 One page (8 panels) comic.  Featuring any anime, video game or cartoon characters. Can be a story written by you or if you want me to do it.  Additional pages are negotiable if I can work with the story easily.
What I will not do
Gross stuff like Scat, wearing diapers or any oddball kinky stuff.  If it doesn’t turn me on, chances are the art is going to really look shitty no pun intended.
Anything political.  I’m not a fan of any politics, left or right so don’t request me to do any of that stuff.  Most of us come to places like this to get away from the real world for a bit.
Original characters.  I know there’s lot of people out there that like to create OCs and have other artists draw it for them.  I have done works like these in the past and, I’m usually not satisfied how they turned out. Usually the creators usually aren’t either.  It’s your dream, have fun with it yourself.
Crossovers.  This applies to comics only.  I don’t mind doing a picture or two but, a full comic I won’t be doing that.
Live Action.  Real people or celebrities.  Now I will make an exception for like fictional characters based on real actors.  Harry Potter, Captian Kirk, or Indiana Jones etc…

Note all commissions are published on the website.  Since the main reason for these commissions is to promote and, keep the website going.  I will send you a full high resolution version of your commission, as well as process sketches.  I usually will not ask for payment until you approve the sketch for finalization.

Start your commission today by E-mailing me wolf@bumwolf.com

Payments are through Pay Pal which I’ll send the address when I’m ready for the payment.  I also have Ko-Fi available if you want to go that route.