Want to help out a starving artist during these hard times?  I can make your erotic art dreams come true.
Genres I do tackle.  Anime, Comics (DC or Marvel), Video Games and Cartoons*

Price (US Dollar) What You Get
$15.00 Pairing colored and cell shaded art of any anime, comics, video game or cartoon* characters. Additional charge for orgy pictures. Furry allowed, but only humanoid type no on all 4s action.
$30.00 Up to 4 characters. One page comic up to 6 Panels base price $30.00 then $5.00 per each additional panel. Can be a story written by you or me.  It will be colored and cell shaded. Blender CG generated background. Furry allowed, but only humanoid type no on all 4s action.
$5.00 for
Up to 4 characters. Two page comic up to 12 Panels base price $50.00 then $5.00 per each additional panel. Can be a story written by you or me.  It will be colored and cell shaded. Blender CG generated background. Furry allowed, but only humanoid type no on all 4s action.
New pricing scheme to reflect most stories and allow you to add up how many more panels you want.  Want to do 24 panels, it’ll run $100.00 even.
$75.00  Blender CGI character sex scene creation 2 characters.  This can take longer to do.  You will get progress updates as I work on the models.  Won’t charge till the models are done.  $100.00 if you want the characters animated for a 1-minute sex scene. 
What I will not do
  • Adult X Shota.  I had been doing this and with my growing uncomfortableness with some of the commissions I’ve been getting I’ve decided to no longer do this.  I will allow for Shota X Shota, Teen X Shota, and older (canonically 16 or older) Teen X Adult.
  • Gross stuff like Scat, wearing diapers or any oddball kinky stuff.  If it doesn’t turn me on, chances are the art is going to really look shitty, no pun intended.
  • Anything political.  I’m not a fan of any politics, left or right, so don’t request me to do any of that stuff.  Most of us come to places like this to get away from the real world for a bit.
  • Original characters.  I know there’s a lot of people out there that like to create OCs and have other artists draw it for them.  I have done works like these in the past and, I’m usually not satisfied how they turned out. Usually, the creators usually aren’t either.  It’s your dream, have fun with it yourself.
  • Live action.  Real people or celebrities.  Now, I will make an exception for like fictional characters based on real actors.  Harry Potter, Captain Kirk, or Indiana Jones etc… As long as they aren’t portrayed by an actor under the age of 18.
  • Comics with more than 50 percent of fluff.  I like to draw hardcore naked action.  Drawing guys spending 5 panels making out with their clothes on gets annoying pretty fast for the reader and the artist drawing it.  There are plenty of other artists that draw doujinshi with fluff, commission one of them.  If you’re a fan of mine, respect my style.
  • Women in my comics.  I don’t mind adding a character for story purposes, but the character will not participate in the action or be naked.  I also won’t change the sex of a male character.  Not a fan of that, being a gay man myself.  Lot more Hentai artists out there, pretty sure a good chunk wouldn’t mind rule 63ing some boys for you.
  •  * Cal Arts style cartoons. (Family Guy, American Dad, Rick and Morty pretty much everything currently on Nick or Cartoon Network.)  I don’t draw this style and I do not find it erotic.   Sadly this is most American Cartoons these days.  There is already a bunch of artists that do this style I suggest hitting up one of those.  The quality will be bad but will do solo picture if you really want to see a picture of this nature.
    It will be done in my style like the one below if you choose a picture.

  • ToddlerKon or any violence to really young characters.  I am Shota friendly but I do have my limits.  I tend to prefer characters closer to Adolescents if possible.  When in doubt, contact me and I’ll let you know if I’ll do the character or not. 
  • Additional note on this one, I don’t really want to do series that are aimed at pre-schoolers. PBS, NickJr. Disney Jr. series.  I will say if they feature characters who may be around 10 or older, I might be able to do something with it.  Really would prefer if you would not to choose any of these series.


  • I believe in the Value for Value model.  I do not believe in Pay Walling my works.  But it does cost money to run the website, and I do have some living expenses to keep things going.  Your support of a commission or even dropping a few bucks in my Ko-Fi go a long way in providing this free platform for everybody.
  • Note, all commissions are published on the website.  Since the main reason for these commissions is to promote and, keep the website going.  I will send you a full high resolution version of your commission, as well as process sketches.  I usually will not ask for payment until you approve the sketch for finalization.
  • Additional note, I have to be familiar with the series to do it justice as far as comics go.  I don’t watch much American TV anymore, so references and story by you would be preferred if you choose something modern and American based.  I would recommend going the pic route if you want to see one of those.
  • Since, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to redraw things.  Before I even start to sketch, we have to agree on a comic script.  Once that script is finalized be it a script written by me, or you, there will be no changes once I start drawing.  I will tweak individual panels but not redraw several panels after the script is done.  So if you have one character on bottom but change your mind and want to change the characters around I will not be doing that.
  • Single or pairing pictures usually take up to 48 hours to complete.  One page comic can take up to 7 days to complete, depending on my workload. Additional week for the 3 and 4-page comics.  3 Slots available each month for comics.  Picture commissions are always open.  Check the commission status on the main page before making one for a good idea of the wait times.  ===>
  • If you need to back out of a commission, please contact me right away.  I am willing to delay your commission if need be. This also helps the next person in line to get theirs faster if I’m unable to do yours at the moment.

Start your commission today by E-mailing me bumwolf@gmail.com or wolf@bumwolf.com  (Note, check your spam folder if you don’t see a reply from me right away.  Apparently bumwolf.com is flagged as spam even though I will not spam your email box.)  Also, you can contact me on Discord BumWolf#0301  or join our server which offers some extra stuff for supporters.  https://discord.gg/YsZryRCS9K

Payments are through PayPal which I’ll send the address when I’m ready for the payment.  I also have Ko-Fi available if you want to go that route.