Starting to sound like a ongoing thing here in the gay art community another artist out of work.  After 2o years in the fast food biz I’m sick and tired of it.  I did go to college and tried my hand in the technical field but after health issues and monetary brick walls I had to crawl back to the fast food biz.  I’m contemplating bringing back 10 dollar commissions to shore up things like the site my internet access and the ability to bring you all more comics.  I have been working on a new one in the background and hope to have it finished soon.  I could use some moral and financial support out there anybody who wants to give it.  I have a patreon starting 5 bucks a month helps keep the site going.  Commissions one pairing simple detail runs 10 dollars USD.  15 if you want an elaborate setting or more detail.   Sorry no comic commissions available at the moment but I have been contemplating a 30 dollar one pager 8 panels of smut.  E-mail me at for more commission information.  Thanks guys I will be looking for a day job in the meantime wish me luck because I don’t want to have to close up shop here too.